Monday, 29 March 2010

Hair today, gone tomorrow!

Since the age of 14 I have not given the condition of my locks more than a seconds thought! It has been brutally dyed within an inch of its life and has been every shade of blonde possible.

So, that all came to a screeching halt when I was diagnosed and told I would lose my hair. I have not stopped think how much my hair actually means to me, I am aware I sound slightly neurotic but it is true! You hair is such a key feature losing it is hugely traumatic.

I am really apprehensive at the prospect of spending the next year of my life resembling a human malteaser and there are two specific reason why. The first is my hair shields the world from my incredibly weird shaped head and the second is the fact my ears appear to be running away from my body.

I have taken matters into my own hands and spent a small fortune on scarves and a wigs but can not help thinking I am going to spend 2010 resembling Jack Sparrow. Definitely not a look seen on the catwalks of London Fashion Week!

Unfortunately no matter how organised I was, nothing could have prepared me for the devastation and the heart ache you feel when you hair does begin to fall out, which happened for me after the second treatment. I had been adamant that I would be leaving my hair long until there was no more hair left. A bad hair day is tough enough the prospect of a No Hair Year is ever so slightly soul destroying!

The rate at which the hair follicles have died has been astonishing, the day after treatment and my bed was covered and I looked like I was wearing a brown furry jumper. To run you hand through your hair and it still be attached made me cry for two days solid. By the third day I did not even need to touch it, I decided then I would shave it and begin the process of wearing scarves etc. My hair dresser, however suggested I go short and wait another week or so before picking up the clippers. So I am now modeling a pixie crop which is something I would never have been brave enough to have normally.

Its also has given me a preview of what I will be able to do when my hair grows back. As it was falling out I made a little promise to it that I will never, ever treat it badly again! It has my word...

x KJ x


  1. You my dear look AMAZEEEE!!!! U could pull any look off!! (sooooo jealous lol).
    But seriously, I check your blog every day to see if you've updated because you really, truly inspire me!
    Sounds strange, but thankyou for being so strong. Your a credit to any young person who has been dealt a bad card. xXx Stace xXx

  2. Hey...Hair loss!!!...I can relate to that. I wake up every morning with either a mouthfull of it or a pillow that looks like I been sleeping with a Wookie! As an ageing Rock Star I wish I could afford Brian May's wig maker but...Ho Hum. Love the new Pixie look!...Be assured...with your gynormous smile & sparkly i's I don't think anyone would care if you were as bald as a coot!! Keep yer spirits up...Jack Dusty knows you is gonna come through this challenge with more power to yer elbow, (if you don't believe me...ask the ole fogeys 'bout Jack Dusty's power!!). Look fwd to having a beer or two soon, (& maybe moving a BBQ). YER IN ME THOUGHTS SCHMOO...Share da Luv...Jack...

  3. gorgeous x x x Love Gayn xx

  4. Somehow I just stumbled onto your blog and I just had to stop and say, that I really send you my best. You seem like a really strong awesome and genuine person, and I just know you are going to get through all of this with flying colors! And I must say you look absolutely gorgeous with really short hair, so that means you're one of those lucky girls who would look great with no hair. Natalie Portman ain't got nothing on you! I hope this finds you well, please take care, and stay positive! =)