Monday, 1 March 2010

Que Sera, Sera

There has been a few reasons why I have not published any up to date blogs recently.

The first reason is because I have been too busy to even enjoy a wee in peace over the last week!

Secondly, I have had so many appointments to attend I have barely had an opportunity to comprehend the prevailing news or recover from medical procedures before that bubble is burst and I need to turn my attention to the next appointment.

To be able to remain strong minded I have to be able to digest the latest news to attain the positives, this has resulted in being relatively disheartened this week and I have found myself dwelling on the smaller things that have been affected. This includes trading shoe shopping for wig browsing, metamorphosing into a human pin cushion and administrating suppositories; the less said about that the better!

This was until I attended the wake of a wonderful elderly lady, late last week. The beautiful service was drawn to a close with the Doris Day hit, Que Sera, Sera and it sent my thoughts into to overdrive.

What will be, will be! There really is little point in getting so worked up over the unknown as long as you have tried your best you simply have to come to terms with the finally out come without an ounce of regret!

My PICC line was fitted without a hitch, I have been doing all I can to ensure any damage the chemotherapy may cause is limited and I am in the best mindframe to tackle the treatment which starts on Friday :)

x KJ x

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  1. Hey Lttle Sis, Keep your chin up. i know its scary at the mo but i also know ur going to kick arse and beat this thing hopefully in the shortest time possible. Im here for you every step of the way whether its to cry or my shoulder, to have someone to shout at and get rid of all them frustrations or to pop to the shops for more crappy magazines. Im here for whatever u need and i mean anything, i would even go as far as to shave all my hair off if u lose yours i domean anything.

    Love u loads xx

    Your Big Sis Gaynor xxxx