Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Fortified Fatty

It's no secret, I love a skinny frame!

Much to the disagreement of my Mum and the girls in the office. Now, due to my love for all things chocolate and Hummus I do not maintain this desired figure. However, I do try to be good, eat well and generally be healthy. I haven't been to the gym for at least 6 months but you get my drift!

So, imagine the irony of my fabulous GP prescribing me Fortified drinks. Calorific Milkshakes used by Professional Bodybuilders to BULK up!

Treatment for Hodgkin's lymphoma includes Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy. These are used to destroy any cancerous blood cells in your body but also wipe out your healthy white blood cells making you very poorly! Weight lose unfortunately is imminent.

You will be entertained to hear I am now taking 2 CPN Promass strawberry milkshakes a day and have my own professional portable milkshake mixer!

Its all for the greater good and I have gained weight but I can't help picturing myself looking like a balding Mr Universe in no time :)

Also, many of you know I work for an online Internet dating company so to entertain ourselves yesterday we have been thinking about launching a few sites targeting Hodgkin's lymphoma patients; Horny Hodgkin's, Lymphoma Liaisons and Nymph Lymph... :)

x KJ x

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  1. horny hodgkins, nymph lymph & lymphoma liasons ... amazing miss kaleigh jane!! x