Saturday, 13 February 2010

Have you been bitten by a Vampire?

Don't worry, this is not me jumping on the band wagon of all things Vampire at the moment!

This is what a blissfully unaware barman shouted across the Bar/Restaurant to me this week. Initially I thought his curiosity had be triggered by my newly dark locks with the pedigree shine and the fact I have been too tired to stick to my Fake Tan Thursday regime.

In my head I pictured storming over there and dramatically throwing my peartizer in face until I realised he had been referring to the large plaster covering my scar from my operation. So I gave him a sympathetic smile and went back to listening to my friend.

So, imagine my shock when he repeated the question...I did not know what do! Any witty remarks or comical comebacks instantly left my thoughts and I was sat there shuffling uncomfortably until I finally answered "ummm I've just had an operation" and quickly shifted my attention back to my flat bread and hummus with a rosy glow in my cheeks. When he next asked "What for?" I couldn't help but laugh, it was like he had inquisitive tourettes and had no understanding of social situations. We hadn't interacted with him previously, he'd not served us our drinks yet somehow he had decided it would be A OK to wail something like that across the room.

My friend found my awkwardness silently hysterical so my bids for her to help me out were useless and I eventually answered like a 5 year old "I'm just not very well". I had considered just blurting out my condition and watch him squirm but I have been bought up better than that and taught not to laugh at others misfortunes, although I do still giggle when someone falls over in front of me.

He finally got the hint and later bought over a 'Get Well' chocolate brownie to compensate :).

This was quite funny and he had only been poorly attempting to break the ice but it has highlighted how some people are hugely inappropriate. Things have been said to myself and family that are utterly thoughtless over the last week and left us all quite flabbergasted. Luckily enough we all have the positivity and a sense of humour to rise above it, infact after the initial outrage we find the unnecessary comments a little entertaining :)

x KJ x

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