Monday, 15 February 2010

Look into my eyes....

Ever since I was a little girl I have always had very vivid dreams and as I have grown up my dreams relate directly to concerns or worries in my conscious life.

So, I have not been surprised my dreams have been plagued ever since being diagnosed, what has surprised me is the extent of detail and how genuinely frightened I have been. All of my dreams are based around Cancer and it is clear my brain is going into over drive while I try and catch some precious Z's.

I actively decided to extinguish the problem before it begins to have a negative effect on my sleep patterns which need to be regular to speed up recovery time!

This is how I ended up sat uncomfortably in a 70 year old mans front room on Valentines Day morning. Cursing the fact I had made an incredible faux pas choosing wet look leggings and a bum skimming vest as suitable attire!

Through recommendation of a trusted friend, I had booked and met with positivity life coach and Hypnotist Beverley.... Yes, that is his real name and it was without doubt the most surreal moment of my life. Whilst I sunk into his worn sofa, I noticed the calming music playing from the dated stereo, his art work resting against the window over looking the allotments and his flute strategically placed against the piano. I was so far out of my comfort zone it was ridiculous!

It wasn't long before he was talking to me in dulcet tones and I was sat there breathing out all of the negativity! I was having to hold back the laughter. I came out very skeptical indeed but last night my dreams were free of torment for the first time in two week?!

It looks like I have made a new best mate in the form of a 4ft 10 OAP :)

x KJ x

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