Monday, 8 February 2010

Gathering of the Greats

SLASH.... Sunday lunch with the girlie's in a germ free vicinity!

I mentioned in my previous blog, I have found this week oddly reassuring and that is because it became instantly apparent what an amazing support network I have surrounding me.

Once diagnosed, the hardest thing I found was telling friends and family. They are just as shocked, upset and often do not know what to say! I have been seeing that weird, awkward face when someone is unsure whether to hug me, say sorry or tell me I will be fine ALOT!

People find it easier to accept this bombshell of information once they have seen me. Remember, I still look and feel OK, sleepy but OK!

So, I have been seeing friends and family in the masses...There is not a day I have not seen my parents, siblings, boyfriend and friends. Yesterday the girls filled my kitchen with laughter while their babies smashed things :). We were down a couple of familiar faces including our own foreign exchange and a new yummy mummy (whose bundle of Joy was born 15 minutes after I was diagnosed!)

Its all in the name of normality and without it I would be going insane. I guess when I am having a bad day in the not so distant future it will be these faces that keep me going and make it all worth while... Even if they do mentally exhaust me!


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