Thursday, 18 February 2010

Surreal Relief

Yet another few days of not knowing whether I am coming or going! I have quickly realised that no day is going to be the same, my moods are changing continually and my concentration has been none existent...My friends have witnessed me constantly flit between conversation, forget where I am going and pour salt on my dessert!

On countless occasions I have found myself stood in the middle of a shop, completely encased in my own world with the dazed look of a lunatic tarnished over my face. The lady in the newsagents even gave me a piece of her mind for reading the magazine covers before I purchase. I quickly snapped out of daydream and shuffled out slightly embarrassed after my firm telling off even though I had done nothing wrong.

This is why Tuesday 16th February could not arrive fast enough. This was the day I would find out what degree of the disease I am facing and would allow me to regain the control I had lost when diagnosed two and a half weeks ago. Up until then I had felt like the medical profession have left me in limbo and couldn't envisage what the next week was going to be like let alone the next 7 months.

So I was ecstatic to be informed I have caught the lymphoma at quite an early stage and that treatment will be starting potentially with in the next two weeks!

I think the Doctor may have questioned the mental state of myself and family as the life changing information was received with the widest of smiles. It is surreal how pleased everyone is about the news. Realistically, I still have Hodgkin's, I still need to undergo Chemotherapy and I still have an incredible battle ahead of me but it could have been so much worse!

I think it's quite a healthy outlook to have about life, no matter how bad your day has been, if you have car, relationship or health problems it could always be substantially worse! Instead of letting the issues defeat you, remaining a Positive Polly throughout means you have already won half the battle!

x KJ x

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