Thursday, 11 February 2010

Over to the dark side....

After years of being a bottle blonde I have finally taken the leap and gone dark! There have been a few occasions were I have dipped my toe in the brunette pool but this has often ended in epic failure and I have found myself pacing friends kitchens while they mix up magic colour to cover my purple highlights. Mentioning no names of course :)

At a time when I feel like my body has decided it doesn't want to play properly anymore, my hair has never looked healthier with a shine only rivalled by professionally groomed pedigrees. So it seems strange that I can not shake the feeling I have lost my sparkle, even though the mahogany brown colour makes my hair look much longer and has ended my days of resembling the hair bear bunch.

I think this is because it is the first physical change I have had to make due to the Lymphoma. Whilst having treatment I will not be able to maintain my high lift tint which is music to my mums ears and if I'm completely honest with myself ALWAYS ended with a ginge tinge to it anyway. Oddly enough, I had discussed with friends going dark prior to being diagnosed but I still feel my hand was slightly forced.

So in a bid to reign my bottom lip back in, I am heading out into public for the first time in a week and hitting the shops for some retail therapy! I'm picking up a gorgeous pair of nude shoes I have pronounced my remissions shoes, in the mean time I will only wear them around the house teamed with a terry toweling dressing gown and a top knot!

x KJ x


  1. You my girl possess the strength of a bear and are even more comical than my day glo dress sense of the 80's! Just think... could of been worse you could of been forced into having a shaggy perm! Eeek!

    Love your Friendly Stalker(aka Big Sis!) xxx

  2. A Perm! Back in the day! Brunettes have more fun! ha ha! This blog is utterly amazing and truly inspiring Kayleigh 'Schmoo'Jane. You will hate me for that! Luv n hugs .Kate xx